Powis Parker HCG1 Hardcover Guide

Powis Parker HCG1 Hardcover Guide

  • $320.00

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The Fastback Hardcover line is designed to work with the Foilfast® printer and the PowisPrinter®. Foilfast Title Sheets enable you to add seven-color foil printing to the Fastback® Hardcovers, and the PowisPrinter lets you add spine titles for library-worthy books. This great product line includes the Fastback Hardcovers, Foilfast Title Sheets,endleaves, and the Fastback Hardcover Guide. Covers are currently available in size 8 1/2" x 11" and A4. The covers will be available in many sizes, including 5½" × 8½", A5, 6" × 9", 8½" × 8½", 8½" × 11", A4, and 9" × 11". The 5½" × 8½" and 6" × 9" covers are also available in attractive quarter-bound cloth versions. Fastback Hardcovers are available in suede and premium composition material as well as library and art cloths. You have a great selection of colors and materials to choose from.

  • Professional Results - Produce hardcover books that match commercially
    manufactured books in quality and durability.

  • Easy to Use - It only takes a few minutes to learn to use the Fastback® Hardcover™ System. Anyone can be up and in production immediately.

  • No Set-Up - Whether you make one book, or one thousand, there is never any set-up, so there is never any waste.

  • Saves Money - Produce only as many books as you need. There’s never any overstock.