Powis Park FastBack FB9

Powis Park FastBack FB9

  • $2,495.00

To get discounted pricing call customer service at 1-800-328-9200

The Powis Fastback 9 is ideal for departmental and office use. Simply place the strip and the book block in the binding machine and press the green button.

For the highest level of binding strip customization, Image Strip and LX Image Blank allows you to promote your brand, enhance your image and ensure that each prospectus, manual, case study and report you produce is a cut above the competition.

  • This space-saving small binder fits about anywhere in your office
  • Super strong, lay flat binding
  • Super easy, one-touch button
  • Supports lengths up to 12”, including Letter & A4 paper sizes
  • Binds thin to thick documents from 20-500 pages (or up to 250 sheets)
  • Binds in less than 40 seconds