Ledco Signmaster 44"

Ledco Signmaster 44"

  • $11,779.00

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The Signmaster was designed to combine the features of the Econocraft pressure-sensitive roll-applicators with the features of the XL Pouch Mounter/Laminators. The Signmaster units:

  • Apply transfer tape
  • Apply vinyl to sign blanks
  • Mount or mount/laminate in one process
  • Apply all pressure-sensitive materials
  • Minimize waste, save time
  • Protect inkjet and other prints produced on a wide variety of printers 

    Standard Features
  • Stand
  • Casters
  • Release liner take-up
  • Heated roller for pouch laminating and for mounting with thermal materials.
  • Heated roller for heat-assist to pressure-sensitive adhesives.
  • Foot switch to free hands to align and feed work. 

  • A pre-feed slitter attachment to cut material on the supply roll for application to narrower substrates, for multiple-up production, or for striping.