Ledco 25" Premier 4

Ledco 25" Premier 4

  • $3,572.00

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  • Laminate using films up to 10 mils thick and up to 25 inches wide
  • Provide variable-speed operation from 0 to 10 feet per minute
  • Operates on 110 volts, 15 amps. 220 volt operation available
  • Reduce maintenance. Rollers and other key parts can be changed quickly without disassembling the side frame 

  • Swing-away top heater makes the laminating roll easy to clean.
  • Variable-speed operation to properly laminate thicker films at slower speeds than with thin films
  • Digital temperature display makes it easy to set and maintain the proper lamination temperature
  • Glitch-proof threading with the top idler guarded for easy threading. The bottom idler, attached to the feed tray, threads the film when put on the machine.
  • Pressure release control makes it easier to clear film and allows the rollers to turn during warm-up
  • Slitters remove the side scrap from both sides of each sheet as it moves through the laminator 

  • Roll-feed kit for simplifying the lamination of long images.
  • Footage counter to measure film usage in feet.
  • Dust cover to keep the machine clean when not in use.