Akiles Finish@Coil-M

Akiles Finish@Coil-M

  • $729.00

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Electric Coil Inserter & Manual Crimpers

With its adjustable full-size rollers, this heavy-duty electric coil inserter makes coil inserting surprisingly fast and easy, even on the extra-large diameter sizes. The Akiles Finish@Coil M is ideal for operators that demand versatility & productivity and a must for all binding centers with large workloads.

 See-Through Coil Crimpers Compartment: Provides convenient storage and helps to ensure that your crimping pliers don’t get lost.
 Spiral Coil Diameter Scale: Helps to verify the coil diameter size.
 Spiral Coil Diameter Selector: To best select the correct coil diameter size corresponding to the thickness of your document.
 Foot Pedal Operated: Allows the free use of both hands and grants the operator complete control of the roller.
 Pitch identifier: Verifies that the coil pitch matches that of the punched document.
 Adjustable Roller mechanism: For easier insertion of larger diameter coils.
 U-shaped Alignment Channel: Aides in conforming the spine of larger diameter documents to the coil’s shape, for a faster and easier insertion.
 Coil Crimpers: Included with every unit.
 Manual Crimping
 Electric inserting