Akiles DuoMac-C31/C21 Comb & Wire Binding

Akiles DuoMac-C31/C21 Comb & Wire Binding

  • $1,049.00

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2-in-1 Combo

The DuoMac C21 and C31 bring together comb and wire binding in one convenient machine. The DuoMac C21 is a 2:1 pitch wire and comb combination, while the C31 is a 3:1 wire and comb combo. These 2-in-1 machines mean more flexibility and productivity for your business or organization. The DuoMac by Akiles allows you to create professionally bound documents such as reports, manuals, and catalogs in 2 different binding styles. Wire binding which is a sturdy choice for mailing and allows the document to be opened a full 360 degrees or comb binding which can be opened to remove or add documents as needed. With the C21 and the C31 you don’t need to choose one style or the other, you can do both.

Like the entire DuoMac line, the C21 and C31 have 2 independent punching die sets that have a single punch capacity of up to 20 sheets. They also feature side and depth margin controls, disengageable pins and an open throat to accommodate longer paper sizes. Also included on these models is a comb opener which can be mounted on the machine with the included brackets or it can stand alone on the comb opener stand (sold separately). For wire binding there is a wire holder conveniently located on the front of the machine as well as a vertical wire closer with an adjustable scale that can close any wire from 3/16” to 1-1/4”. There’s also a built in paper scale which will help you determine the proper wire or comb size based on the document’s thickness.