Akiles CoilMac ECI Manual Coil Punch

  • $739.00

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Manual Coil Punch with HD Electric Coil Inserter

The CoilMac Binding System by Akiles is a Manual Punch/Electric Coil Inserting system. Easy to use, it will punch up to 17-sheets at a time utilizing the 4 to 1 coil punch die. The Electric Coil Inserter is activated by a foot-switch making coil insertion fast and easy. With the most complete system of functions and a built-in electric coil inserter, the Akiles CoilMac-ECI is in a class all to itself. The Akiles CoilMac-ECI makes coil binding fast, easy and professional, making it the ideal partner for larger volume workloads.

Standard version features:

PLUS version features:

 Round Holes: Standard 4mm round holes.

 OVAL holes: Special 4 x 5mm oval holes. The first & onlyequipment of its class to offer this advanced feature. Makes coil insertion much faster as compared to standard round holes. When used together with our HD Electric Coil Inserter, it will drastically save your coil insertion time by up to 50%.
 5 Disengageable Pins: Specially designed disengageable positions guarantee a clean punch with most standard paper sizes, making the CoilMac-ECI very simple to use.  FULLY Disengageable Pins: For a completely clean & professional punching ofany paper size, all 54 pins can be independently pulled & disengaged.
 STANDARD 4:1 Pitch (0.250”): Standard pitch for coil binding. Punches 43 holes in a 11” sheet.  LETTER 4:1 pitch (0.248″): This revolutionary 0.248” coil pitch is specifically designed to give you 44 evenly-centered holes in an 11” sheet, which provides the most ideal hole to edge-of-sheet margins and easier coil insertion. Hole pattern is 100% compatible with STANDARD 4:1 pitch coils.