Dahle Department Shredders

Dahle Department Shredders

  • $4,600.00

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Known for their power and waste capacity, Dahle Department Shredders provide a practical solution for the destruction needs of even the busiest offices. These machines can continually shred large quantities of paper and are the perfect size for daily, monthly, and even quarterly shredding.

The Dahle Department Shredders have 6 types of models which can shred from 11 to 40 sheets of paper with a feed width of 16" and holds up to 45 gallons of shredded waste. All models comes with a great feature, the SmartPower Energy Management that reduces power consumption & saves on electrical cost. 

 Usually kept in centralized locations, the Dahle Department Shredder is the perfect addition to any large office, copy room or communications center.