Akiles DuoMac-541/531/521 Wire-Coil Binding

Akiles DuoMac-541/531/521 Wire-Coil Binding

  • $1,049.00

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The DuoMac series by Akiles are versatile binding machines that allow you to combine 2 different binding styles in one convenient machine. Whether its coil in 2 pitches or coil and wire, with the DuoMac you get to choose the two that are right for your business. The DuoMac 541 is a coil (5:1 pitch) and coil (4:1 pitch) combination. While the 531 and 521 are coil (5:1 pitch) with either 3:1 wire or 2:1 wire. Each DuoMac is then custom built with sturdy, all metal components that are designed to last. A built in paper scale and master selector will help you determine the proper wire or coil size to use for your document as well as the correct depth margin and closing position. For all wire combinations, a wire holder and wire closer are built right into the machine.

After punching your documents you can manually insert the coil or you may want to consider the Akiles Roll@Coil for faster, more efficient coil insertion. Once the coil is inserted, simply crimp the ends with the handy crimping tool that’s included with all DuoMac coil combinations.

Great for offices, schools, print shops, binderies, or any organization that wants to produce professionally bound documents in house. With 10 different wire, coil and comb combinations available, you’ll save money, save time and even save space with the 2-in-1 binding capabilities of the Akiles DuoMac series.


  • Punch capacity: up to 20 sheets
  • Built in wire holder and wire closer
  • Open throat for larger documents
  • Coil crimping tool included
  • All metal construction