Let Trendex print, package and ship your product information for you! You’ve decided what to say and how to say it, and your project is finally ready for production. Now you have a choice…

A. Dust off your PDA and start making calls printers, binder manufacturers, copy shops, and your local mail house. Beg for quick turnarounds. Cross your fingers that you can get everything delivered in time to pull an all-nighter collating and packaging it all. Coerce office mates to help you sort shipments, and figure out how you’re going to tell your boss you’re over budget.


B. Call Trendex and let us take it from here.

Our expert project managers will handle your entire project—cover-to-cover, and everything in between. At Trendex, we manufacture, print, bind, collate and package your entire project in-house. So nothing gets lost and everything looks perfect. From full-color digital printing and binders to swatch books and sample displays, Trendex delivers. We’ll even drop ship to your specifications, direct from our plant!

What are you waiting for? Call Trendex today at 800-328-9200 or email us and let us know how we can help.